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exhibition area

The convention center at the Futuroscope of Poitiers will be divided into 3 villages located at the periphery of the meeting spaces. In addition of your meetings, you will have an access to them in the exhibition area. Please, feel free to benefit from it !


The Partners Village

The « Partners Village » gather Futurallia institutional partners who introduce their activities and services to participants and the companies who sponsor Futurallia 2017.

To become a sponsor of Futurallia 2017, contact us

Dorothée Scarwell – Event manager – +33 (0)5 49 00 35 75


The Experts Village

The « Experts Village » brings together specialists in international business services such as international lawyers, insurers, financial and legal experts… They propose their advice to encourage successful partnerships.


The International Village

The « International Village » accommodates the delegation leaders who mobilized companies to participate. They will give you information about the region they represent and about the companies of their delegation.

They remain a valuable contact for your future relationship.


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