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What is a Futurallia Forum?

A Futurallia forum is really different from an international exhibition or export fair. In a forum, each companies receives, on its arrival, a pre-scheduled planning.
These are business meetings that enable companies to:
• Find partners or customers
• Benefit from expert advice on all international approaches
• Know and understand more about international markets

Who attends these meetings?

Any french or foreign SME/SMI can participate to these meetings whatever its objectives (exploration, strengthening its market, meet new partners… )

What type of partnership can we build during a Futurallia forum?

Based on previous experience, these multi-sector meetings lead to different types of alliances:
– commercial (distribution, sales contract…)
– industrial (joint-venture, grant of licence…)
– financial (acquisition of holdings, capital risk…)
– technological (innovation, transfer of technologies)
– exchange of information (data enrichment, knowledge of markets…)

What is the concept of match-making?

Our forum can be seen as a succession of business meetings, scheduled before the event.

– Participants had their own wishes of appointment (up to 20 wishes) at the opening of the online catalogue.
– The wishes of appointments are optimized according to your priorities by a specialized software mesh which will establish a schedule of qualified business rendezvous for each participant.
– For each appointment scheduled, the participant may be the applicant, the requested, or it also may be a reciprocal demand.

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Where does the forum take place? And when?

The 21st Futurallia forum will take place over three days, from the evening of Wednesday, March 29th to Friday, March 31st, 2017 at the convention center, located on the Futuroscope Technopole

What is the forum’s agenda?

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Is it possible to come with other people?

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How do I access the database of Futurallia 2017?

After your registration, we will provide you a user name and a password in order to access your client area.
You’ll be able to fill in your company profile, consult the other participating companies’ profiles and make your appointment requests.

What does my registration for the forum include?

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