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New at FUTURALLIA: “From Innovation to Internationalization”

The 21st Futurallia forum will welcome a community of innovative start-ups and SME/ETI.

The aim of these companies is to have their concepts, products, services or innovative economic models approved internationally. Within the Innovation Center, our “Testing-Lab”, companies will get the benefit of increased visibility and will be able to do live-demonstrations, showcasing their innovation for other participants.

Pitch workshops will also be organized so that entrepreneurs can present what they bring to the table in a confidential manner to future partners, such as directors, investors or large companies in the area of open innovation.

The sectors concerned are sustainable development, digital/data, eco habitat, eco industry, energy, transport for the future, silver economy, connected objects, smart food industry (packaging for the future and food safety).


This special feature of 2017 will enable new, at times even unexpected development possibilities for your company.


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