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pre and post forum Notre Dame la grande and the Futuroscope

Pre & Post forum programme

Before and after your B2B meetings, discover Poitiers and its area thanks to our free programme of tourism activities.

Wednesday, 29th March, afternoon: guided tour of the historic centre of Poitiers

You are invited on a tour, accompanied by a specialist guide, into the heart of French history. You will discover, for instance, “Notre Dame la Grande” Church, key feature of Roman art, whose façade is an immensely rich tapestry of sculpted decor. Also, the Palace of the Counts of Poitou, Dukes of Aquitaine, which is a reminder of the town’s prosperous period during the 10th to 12th century. Discover Poitiers’ exceptional heritage on this stroll through its narrow pedestrian streets with their half-timbered houses.

Shutlle service provided from the partner hotels to the city centre at 4:45pm

Tour offered by the Town Hall of Poitiers, registration requested online.


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Friday, 30th March, afternoon and evening: visit of the Futuroscope entertainment park and evening show

Absorb the fantastic, fun and fairy-tale Futuroscope atmosphere with over 25 original experiences waiting for you in our stunning attraction theatres, as heart-thumping adventures, outrageous thrills, mind-blowing journeys, the fairy-tale evening show and fascinating attractions deliver delights to suit all tastes and ages!

Shuttle service provided from the partner hotels to the park. Timetables to be defined.

The visit is a courtesy of Futurallia, registration requested online.


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