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Welcome to Vienne, welcome to Poitou!


In keeping with both tradition and modernity, the Vienne department prides itself on its large-scale projects, while remaining true to its identity.


Only an hour and a half from Paris by TGV train and 120 km from the Atlantic Ocean, Vienne is an attractive, dynamic and endearing department. Traditionally a place people used to just travel through, nowadays it has an efficient transportation network (A10 highway, TGV, Poitiers-Biard airport) making it an ideal, manageably sized place to live, create and prosper.


For more than thirty years, the Vienne department has had a proactive policy of territorial development. As a result, Parc du Futuroscope, the second largest French theme park was built as well as Futuroscope Technopole, which is dedicated to innovation, not to mention the Viennopoles, and the Center Parc du Bois aux Daims… Soon there is to be a historical center tracing back through the history and prestige of the Poitou region. There will also be an Institute of Gastronomy run by the Michelin-star chef Joël Robuchon, and a stadium at Futuroscope.


Vienne decided to go its own way to assert its values, ambition, authenticity and humanity, setting up the optimum conditions for your success here.


Demography, economy, tourism

The Vienne department is a relatively young region: the share of the population under 20 is above the average […]

The non-market tertiary sector is very active, with a lot of employment particularly in education and research. In terms of industry there are some very large establishments, such as the Nuclear Power Plant in Civaux, the largest employer in the sector.

Tourism employment has benefited greatly from Futuroscope, which also creates jobs in the service industry. Farmers work more often on the large scale grain farms. The department has a moderate unemployment rate […].

Extract from « La Vienne à grands traits », Nathalie Garçon
Insee Analyses Nouvelle-Aquitaine – No 14, march 2016


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